Stay Cool, Hang Loose, Admit Nothing

9 June
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На определенных этапах жизни довелось пожить от двух до десяти лет в следующих городах: Баку, Стамбул, Лондон, Монтерей (Калифорния), Ханой, Париж, Санкт-Петербург. Последние два года - в Эксетере, графство Девоншир, Англия.

25 random things about me, me, me...

1. I love people. I become nourished being surrounded by them, getting attuned to their little quirks, habits, ups and downs, exchanging my views and opinions. I never crave any time alone. Cave-time was not invented for me.

2. I am extremely miserable unless I have a book to read. I would read anything – from Proust to Bridget Jones Diary. The only thing I wouldn't touch is celebrity magazines.

3. I am most content once I have these three things: access to Internet, limitless quantities of good coffee and some warmth (blankets, heaters, woolly socks; the whole nine yards).

4. I've been with my husband for nearly 9 years and even though my inner feminist hates to admit it, it feels great and (gasp!) secure to be married. He is extremely supportive – as someone once said, I am a Sailboat and he is my Sail. I wouldn't be able to live with an Anchor.

5. I speak several languages but can sometime get my worms fuddled.

6. I wouldn't be able to live without my friends; I think friendship is very important. I've been known to jump out of bed at 3 am to console a friend over a broken toe.

7. I feel very lucky to have gone to California to do my postgrad. It's been the best experience in my life and it opened so many doors for me.

8.I've been a vegetarian for nearly 10 years and before you ask, no, I don't feel like anything is missing from my life.

9.I have a sausage dog called Dave and I think she is the best thing since sliced bread. Yes, Dave is a girl. No, she doesn't mind.

10.I am very close with my mother, I call her every day, and nothing would make me happier than having her live closer to me.

11.I have no brothers or sisters and have always physically felt their empty space. When I was a child I thought I could give my arm to have a sister. But I am lucky to be very close with my cousins, my in-laws, and my niece Sarah is the sunshine of my life.

12.My friends think I'm a shopaholic and addicted to shoes – an allegation I never tire to deny! I do like beautiful things but they might as well be puppies.

13.I have an obsession with making the world a better place. So far I feel that perhaps the best way to spread some positive values may be to start teaching (preferably at a Uni) and to interact with the younger generation on daily basis.

14.I managed to build my own translation business and it is very successful (touch wood!).

15.I need to be able to see the ocean or the sea at least every month. I become very anxious if I stay away from it for any longer than that. Waves and blue waters set my mind at peace.

16.I do hope to have children one day. Just once I'm done changing the world.

17.I never have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is an unknown word for me.

18.I am a sucker for old Italian movies.

19.I see deaf people.

20.I've been to about 90 cities and 20 countries and hope to travel more at some point.

21.I've never smoked a cigarette in my life and I don't drink alcohol.

22.Hard-core impenetrable Republicans and Bush-lovers scare the hell out of me. Sorry.

23.I do yoga and I am scarily flexible.

24.I’m rubbish at math.

Для тех, кто не говорит на вселенском английском:
Убежденный либерал.
Не выношу ксенофобных, гомофобных и шовинистских высказываний.
Не ем и не ношу животных.
Латентная феминистка.
Люблю людей, красивую обувь и книги.